Only ST3 can bring freedom of mobility to Seattle

Freedom of mobility comes from our trust in not having to think about it, and presently in Seattle, no all-encompassing mode of transportation earns it. When well designed, there is a certain magic to the guarantee that within minutes of arriving to a well-lit area with understandable signage, you’ll be affordably taken wherever you need to go, with dedicated right of way reassuring no delays.

Let’s build a better city

Apple v. FBI: neither love you

Since iOS 8, iPhones have been fully encrypted, requiring a passcode that only the user has access to to make the device’s files legible. A work-owned iPhone 5C used by a perpetrator was recovered from December’s San Bernardino mass shooting, and while authorities have been given access to the iCloud online backups, the FBI claims […]

We can’t rely on corporations or governments for social justice

Seattle’s New First Hill Street Car

Seattle’s new First Hill Street Car (FHSC) finally went into service last month after facing indefinite delays, and its introductory free period ended. The modern trolley takes riders from Jackson and 2nd in the International District (just a block off from the southern terminus of Seattle’s former Waterfront line) to Broadway and Pike in Capitol Hill, […]

Trolleys are back–but are they actually better than buses?

john legre t-mobile uncarrier thatopinion

T-Mobile isn’t your friend

T-Mobile announced a new program allowing its users on 3GB or greater cellular data plans to stream several video services  without counting on the user’s data cap. Accepting this benefit throttles all web video to 480p, including on non-partner sites like YouTube, even though non-partner videos will still count against your allotment. Net neutrality is the law that requires […]

Binge-On is a better deal for the company than the users

Amazon’s worker abuses aren’t our fault

As a publicly traded company, Amazon operates the way it does to maximize profit, perceived value, and growth potential. There is no motive behind Amazon’s executive’s decisions beyond that.

Despite what Quartz asserts, “thrify-ism” isn’t the destructive movement

Laptop on Reddit MacBook Pro Ellen Pao

Reddit’s Freedom Of Speech

On July 2nd, Reddit fired Director of Talent Victoria Taylor, the woman responsible for coordinating celebrity Ask Me Anythings. Almost immediately, subreddit moderators and users took this as a way to reinvigorate anger about last month’s banning of various hate subreddits (/r/FatPeopleHate, /r/ShitNiggersSay, /r/TransFags), framing it as the end of freedom of expression. The firing allows […]

Examining Reddit’s role in hate speech and freedom of expression

It’s time to drop your Keurig cups

Keurig cup coffee machines are incredibly popular, wasteful, and known for making poor coffee. There are solutions to your caffeine addiction that are cheaper, tastier, and more conscious, while still being quick and easy.

Here’s what to replace the environmental disaster with

Cultural Dispatch Seiko SNN231P2 and Apple Watch

Smart watches are the perfect consumption storm of fast fashion and tech

No matter how beautiful and functional they get, the moment a model is announced, the clock starts ticking down 12 months to the next one. Most of the time in tech, this consumption cycle brings better battery life, crisper screens, and faster processors crammed into prettier gadgets. Real watches are the one tech gadget that never goes obsolete and one of the few fashion items that never goes in or out of style. Apple’s marketing on the Watch works within the fast fashion world by using pop star celebrities and full page magazine ads.

The Apple Watch brings a timeless rarity into the world of H&M

Will personal cars and public busses survive the autonomous revolution?

Following WWII, the ‘American Dream’ was a suburban home with a white picket fence and two cars in the driveway: one for a man’s commute to the city, and another for a woman’s trips to the grocery store, school, and baseball field. Americans began equating prosperity with owning an automobile, and public transportation became seen […]

There will be an app for that, but do we want Google to profit from it?

Women In Tech

The history of women in technology, the present lack of representation in the field, the gender roles causing it, and why it’s an important issue to solve.

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