Seattle has a responsibility to its unhoused residents, and sweeps aren’t the way

Our economy and community have left 10,000 Seattlelites without the basic right of a home, a fact that should create empathy and solidarity. Addressing the issue by curtailing any attempt to gain a secure living situation only causes more harm, while wasting money and time by chasing homelessness from place to place. The city doesn’t […]


Environmental justice globally will be fought for with local movements

Institutional coercion prevents the most pressing issue facing the world from being addressed. The public is disallowed from even understanding it. Propaganda from corporate interests distorts and obscures climate change while those with no power suffer. However, there is hope in local communities that have formed around fighting for environmental justice. Climate change will ultimately […]


The ramifications of building suburban rapid transit in Seattle

A preliminary decision on the specific lines and stations included in ST3, Sound Transit’s 25 year plan for Link Light Rail expansion on the November ballot, has been announced. ST2, approved in 2008, is finishing up with the new East Link line from Seattle to Bellevue and Redmond in 2023, and extending the current Central […]

The region’s housing, environment, and transit issues are serious, and ST3’s light rail extensions alone aren’t enough to fix them


Apple v. FBI: neither love you

Since iOS 8, iPhones have been fully encrypted, requiring a passcode that only the user has access to to make the device’s files legible. A work-owned iPhone 5C used by a perpetrator was recovered from December’s San Bernardino mass shooting, and while authorities have been given access to the iCloud online backups, the FBI claims […]

We can’t rely on corporations or governments for social justice


Seattle’s New First Hill Street Car

Seattle’s new First Hill Street Car (FHSC) finally went into service last month after facing indefinite delays, and its introductory free period ended. The modern trolley takes riders from Jackson and 2nd in the International District (just a block off from the southern terminus of Seattle’s former Waterfront line) to Broadway and Pike in Capitol Hill, […]

Trolleys are back–but are they actually better than buses?


Capitalism Must End

INTRODUCTION Capitalism, a system that relies on the exploitation and inequality of people and causes oligarchy, is not functioning, and if we don’t drastically change it, further climate destruction, automation, and financial meltdown/austerity cycles will lead to dystopic catastrophe. Many bourgeois thinkers will state that capitalism is the best of all the bad systems. This […]

Earth needs a system that promotes art and science, solves climate change, and offers voice and equality to all


The Gun Debate Deserves More Nuance

Following every mass shooting, a polarized and contentious media frenzy debates gun control, with one side responding to tragedy with a celebration of rights, and the other finding the continued inaction of Congress disgusting. The Democrats are homogeneously in favor of any measure to reduce civilian gun prevalence they can pass, while the Republicans are […]


China loosens its authoritarian and misguided solution to overpopulation

Since 1978, mainland China has restricted couples to one child, attempting to thwart population growth under a misguided premise. Couples who could afford the associated fine paid it, while those who could not faced forced-abortion. The enforcement bureaucracy, employing nearly 8 million people, has been rampant in corruption. On October 29th, China increased the limit […]


Young People Are Right About Voting

“If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal” This quote from early 20th century anarchist Emma Goldman has proliferated among modern left wing libertarians. The ideology of “voting doesn’t matter, the parties are the same,” has been perceived as a facet of detached, slacking millennials, growing a resentment among mainstream US Democrats towards the radical […]

Anarcha-feminism Emma Goldman intersectional anarchist

Anarchism and Feminism Must Be Mutually Inclusive

Ambivalent Sexism Theory, developed by social psychologists Peter Glick and Susan Fiske, posits two underlying forms of sexism. Hostile sexism is the overt belief that women are inferior to men (and perhaps should have fewer political rights because of this) and get special favors in life. This is the most recognizable and condemned form of misogyny, […]

Sorry, Libertarians™ and Corporate Feminists

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